Providing Wray, Yuma, and Sterling with quality concrete, precast, and aggregate products. Our company strives to produce the very best product possible and our workmanship is by far superior.

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Chamberlain Concrete Wray

Chamberlain Concrete
Wray, Colorado

Our flagship location offering our full line of services including concrete, precast, and aggregate.

36415 US-385, Wray, CO 80758
Phone: (970) 332-4355

Chamberlain Concrete Yuma

Chamberlain Concrete
Yuma, Colorado

The premier concrete, precast and aggregate for Yuma, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

200 Flagstaff St, Yuma, CO 80759
Phone: (970) 848-8488

Chamberlain's Sterling

Chamberlain's Concrete
Sterling, Colorado

Our newest location offering aggregate and concrete to Sterling, Colorado and surrounding locations.

119 Edith Avenue, Sterling, Colorado
Phone: (970) 520 7300

We take pride in our customer service and quality concrete products. You are our greatest asset and we provide superior workmanship and quality to exceed your expectations.


We offer quality concrete mixed to your specifications and delivered in a timely manner by experienced drivers. If a mix design is necessary, we can work with you to get what you need. Available in Wray, Yuma and Sterling.

Concrete Forming

If a turnkey concrete project is what you are looking for, we are the company for you. We are experienced in prep work, forming, finishing and we leave the site with a completed project you will be extremely happy with. Available in Wray and Yuma.

Concrete Septic Systems

We have what you need, to install or fix a complete septic system. Products include septic tanks, pvc pipe, infiltrators and more. Our precast concrete tanks are approved for Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska. Available in Wray and Yuma.

Precast Concrete

Our precast concrete products include septic tanks (we are approved in the states of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska), feed bunks (round or flat bottom), concrete blocks and barriers, rings and lids. We can special order any type of precast desired. Available in Wray and Yuma.


A variety of aggregate are on site, with special orders available. Landscaping rock such as river rock and granite are available by the yard, as well as sand and gravel. Delivery is available in most areas. Available in Wray, Yuma and Sterling.


We make sure your project is constructed correctly from the very beginning. When done correctly, proper excavation work provides a solid foundation on which to build any project. Take advantage of our full line of large and small heavy machinery operated by experienced personnel. Available in Wray and Yuma.

PVC pipe

Chamberlain Concrete offers a variety of pvc pipe and fittings for your project big or small. Delivery or full service installation available in most situations. Available in Wray and Yuma.


With a variety of decorative rock, sod cutter, lawn sprinklers and accessories, Chamberlain Concrete can help you create or reclaim your landscaping. Available in Wray and Yuma.

Thank you so much for quick and friendly service!!

Erin Wittee, Residential Client

Thanks for coming and finishing my cement pad today. It'll be great for BBQ parties next summer.

Casie Egloff, Residential Client

Great guys, great service! We will be using you guys every time! Thanks. Jason Santomaso, Residential Client

I had a large pad to pour today and Chamberlain were on their A game... .I will go to Chamberlain Concrete for all of my concrete related needs from now on.Justin Peterson, Peterson Enterprise